About Amite County Historical & Genealogical Society

Preservation of Amite County History

Formed in July 2004, the Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society took up the mission to preserve and promote the history of all of Amite County.  Though Home Base is in the county seat of Liberty, the Society is NOT the Liberty Historical Society but the AMITE COUNTY Historical Society.  Numbering just over 110, the membership is spread across the United States. The monthly meetings on the Second Saturday of each month. with the exception of May and July,  are usually attended by 20 to 25 folks and include programs by guest speakers and members along with the regular business meeting. We do not discriminate based on age, race or gender or political leanings.  Our current group is proof that respect and love of our fellow man can conquer that which would divide us.  I say that because we do not all agree on every point of our history or why/how things happened.  We tried to present the facts and let them speak for themselves.  We are not an exclusive group by any stretch!  The Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society welcomes everyone that has a love for our county’s history and wants to see it shared with the coming generations who is willing to seek the common ground. The Society works to preserve the history of Amite County through various projects and pursuits.  The oldest of our projects is collecting and digitizing old photos and photos of historic structures around the county.  Past president, Oma Gordon, began collected photos of old homes during her term nine years ago and two years ago helped lifetime member, Sam King, get started scanning old photos from residents across the county.  These photos have found their way on to the Mississippi Digital Library website, www.msdiglib.org.  The Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society was the first organization to place their photo collection with the digital library. Each year the Society picks a historic place within the county to host and open house and annual membership drive.  These events usually include live music provided by local talent or our very own “Southern Celt”, Wayne Anderson, who performs folk songs from the mid-1800s and many of his own creations. You will also be treated a nice spread of delicious “finger” foods.  Of course in Amite county “finger” foods can include anything from dainty sandwiches to homemade macaroni and cheese”! You just never know what you will find but you can rest assured it is delicious!


Along with bringing a few new members, these open house events are the Society’s way of giving back to the county and show casing a home or other historic location that might otherwise be forgotten. Some of the locations have included the Felder Richmond House in the Glading Community The Winston Wilkinson House near Busy Corner, The Decatur/Butler House, The Little Red School House and the Old Liberty Hardware in Liberty and this past year, The Berryhill Home in Gloster. The first Saturday in May each year, The Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society makes a special effort  to participate in  Amite County Heritage Day.  The Society enjoys the opportunity to share history and genealogy along with showing off the Little Red School House.   The Commemoration of The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Liberty we are hosting on November 8th, 2014 will be the big event for this year! This would be an exciting  time to become a member of the Society!


The group loves to take road trips and plans at least two a year to some historic location in the area.   We have explored the Old Natchez District fairly well but have an affinity for Natchez.  We hope to travel to New Orleans by train for a cemetery tour and some fun in the French Quarter next.  Beauvoir is also on the “bucket list”.  But both may have to wait until after our BIG EVENT November 8, 2014. We would love to have you join in our fun as we make and remember history!

Check out this  video to see some of the fun things we’ve done!     [youtube]http://youtu.be/4weZssies18[/youtube]

Contact us by mail at ACHGS Executive Board, P.O. Box 2, Liberty MS 39645