Liberty Mississippi Old Fashioned Infair

December 5, 2015 in Liberty Mississippi Old Fashioned Infair The Gardner/Parker Home built about 1815 will be on tour for the first time in over 100 years maybe the first time ever!  The Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society is giving this wonderful old house one final Christmas Old Fashioned Infair December 5, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00pm!!!!  This is an event NOT to be missed.  The Federal style house will be decked out in greenery the likes it hasn’t seen since the turn of the Read more [...]

Soap Making At The Battle of Liberty

The other day I was discussing the plans for the November 8, 2014 commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Liberty with  Kim Shepherd of Psychedelic Soap Co.and what Living History displays would be there around the Little Red School House that Saturday.  In telling her of the Stockdale Ranger’s plans for demonstrating camp life and so forth it dawned on me that we have pretty much ignored the areas of life considered “women’s work” in the 1800s.  Being an accomplished homeschooler Read more [...]

Smithdale Home, Amite County,MS

Smithdale, Amite County, ca 1840 Sunday Afternoon, William Greg Barron, George Bragg, Susan Bragg, their adorable one year old Sheltie, Henry, and I drove out  to see an early Amite County Home in Smithdale. Having been told it was an antebellum home that had been abandoned some years and that it was in rough shape, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Greg had gotten a call earlier in the week from a family member who had started working on reclaiming the ancestral home and wanted some Read more [...]

Amite County Cemetery Project

The Hunt for Jerusalem Cemetery, Gillsburg Several days ago, past Society President Greg Barron began  a discussion thread on the Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society Facebook page asking if anyone knew the location of the original Jerusalem Cemetery in Gillsburg, MS.  You see,  one of the men buried there,  Josephus Jones, was killed by one of Greg’s ancestors, Francis Carter on election day in 1858.  Mr. Carter was found not guilty on appeal but the reason for his actions are Read more [...]

Confederate Monument, Liberty, MS

  The Confederate Monument, Liberty MS The Confederate Monument, Liberty MS was the first monument erected in Mississippi. It was among the very first monuments in the nation honoring those killed in the War for Southern Independence.  It was put in place in 1871 and had stood proudly in its little park next to the historic Liberty Presbyterian Church for the last 145 years. This is a pretty amazing accomplishment if one considers that in 1871 the residents of Amite County Mississippi were Read more [...]

Liberty-White Rail Road

The Liberty White Rail Road, Liberty, MS The exchange on the Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society’s Face Book page about the Liberty White Rail Road piqued my curiosity so I began digging around looking for more information. First, I looked in the Works Project Administration books that were written in the 1930’s and republished by the Society a few years ago and found nothing more than what we had already discussed. This was understandable, as the Liberty White had ceased to exist Read more [...]

Liberty Presbyterian Church

Liberty Presbyterian Church June 29, 2014 - Today I attended morning worship at the historic Liberty Presbyterian Church in Liberty, MS., fittingly located on North Church Street in beautiful downtown Liberty, Mississippi.  The church is adjacent to the Confederate Memorial Park which is conveniently located behind what is likely the most photographed drugstore in Mississippi if not the entire South but that is another post in itself. The Liberty Presbyterian Church building is much as it has Read more [...]

History Of The Baptist Church in Liberty MS

History Of The Baptist Church in Liberty MS   Read About The History Of The Baptist Church in Liberty MS Liberty Baptist Church was first planned April 14, 1838. It then became directly connected to the Mississippi Baptist Association that same year, in October. When reading about the History Of The Baptist Church in Liberty MS we discover: The presbytery was comprised of: Elder Charles Felder Jessie Young  Zachariah Reeves  Thomas M. Bond  W. Poole Other Read more [...]

Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society

  Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society of Mississippi was ordered on July 23, 2004. Its primary function is to encourage interest in historical events and the families of Amite County. We also gather and protect historical resources, which includes family histories; and, we teach our community about its long and distinctive heritage. One of the first Confederate monuments is located at the county seat of Liberty. It was constructed in 1871 as a monument to its native Read more [...]

Little Red School House Liberty MS

Little Red School House, Liberty MS It emerged nearly a century before the arousing age-old adage even became popular in the United States. Yet it epitomizes the true essence of the message of determination and perseverance. In a true foreshadowing of the popular narrative The Little Engine That Could, The Little Red School House, Liberty, Mississippi has demonstrated the ability to not only survive, but also thrive in even the direst and darkest of circumstances. Travelling with the Baptist Read more [...]